Alex Serpa as Marilyn Manson:
Alex Serpa as "Marilyn Manson"

Alex Serpa on "Oprah":
Alex Serpa on "Oprah"

Alex Serpa impersonating "Cher":

Alex Serpa Performing as Cher Alex Serpa impersonating Cher in "Dreamgirls"

Alex Serpa impersonating Barbra Streisand:

Alex Serpa performing as Barbra Streisand
Alex Serpa impersonating Barbra Streisand at "Passion Party"

Alex Serpa impersonating Celine Dion:

Alex Serpa performing as Celine Dion

Alex Serpa impersonating Amy Winehouse:

Alex Serpa in "Nosh Commercial":

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These are videos of Alex Serpa's performances in nightclubs, from "Celebrity" in Las Vegas to the "Horizon" casino in Lake Tahoe.
And features a television commercial.

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